Day 7 – Quebec City to Montreal

Today we made our way back towards Montreal for the finish of our first bus tour of Ontario and French Canada.

This morning we were told not to have breakfast… so about an hour out of Montreal, ed prescription  we stopped at a place called “Trois Riveries” (translates to “Three Rivers”, diagnosis however there are actually only 2 there.  The French Canadians are a bit strange).  There we went to a Maple Syrup farm and had pancakes, ham, and plenty of maple syrup for breakfast.

After a big feed (during which Paul was asked at least 14 times if he wanted more coffee) we headed outside to learn how Maple Syrup is made.  Is actually pretty interesting how they drain the sap from the trees and turn it into sugary goodness.

We continued to Montreal – stopping at the Olympic Stadium – home of the 1976 summer games – for a few shots.  Apparently Montreal only just paid of the stadium last year, which is scary considering that it doesn’t even work as designed (one of a few lemons in Montreal… another being Mirabel – the brand new airport they built that was too far away from town and no one wanted to use!)

We then drove into the centre of Montreal for another city tour.  Generally both of us were not that impressed with Montreal.  Compared to Quebec City it is pretty bland when it comes to the tourist stakes.

That being said we did stop at the big cathedral in the old part of town – which is where Celine Dion was married (do you get the feeling that they are obsessed with her over here?  We do!)  Inside it was pretty spectacular though – we can understand why she wanted to get married there!

Finally we pulled up stumps on our first tour at the bar with the rest of the group.  We went to dinner with one of the other couples on the tour that we have become friends with in the restaurant strip of Montreal – it reminded us of Park Road at Milton in Brisbane just on steroids.  We ate at a great place, which was across the road from the restaurant that Formula 1 driver Jacques Villeneuve (I am sure that is not how you spell it!) owns.

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