Ending Consulting Agreement

In accordance with the agreement, the consultant agreed to provide good services, but we received your services on the basis of warnings and reminders. That is why we are running out of work. (Describe everything about the situation). That is why we have decided to terminate the contract. It is better that we meet in person so that you have a brief knowledge of what happened. If you have any questions about this issue, you can give me (give your phone number) or you can email me to this email address (give your email address). Feel free to contact us, because you have the right to know exactly what happened. (You cordially describe your greetings and demands). Please sign the attached copy of this termination letter and send it to us as soon as possible. I hope your company has a bright future. Following the meeting that took place earlier on [the [entry date][and our interview took place earlier today], I write to [notify OR confirm] that [entering the client`s name] has decided to exercise their right in accordance with the clause [clause number of the provision relating to summary or terminating terms] of the [date of entry] advisory contract (referred to in this letter as a “advice agreement”) in order to terminate the right [with effect immediately]. without notification or payment instead of termination or effective [date of entry]] by providing this written notification.

[This letter also applies to various other terms within the meaning of the advisory agreement.] This letter to terminate a consulting agreement should be used when a company wishes to terminate its contract with an independent person or a service company that provides consulting services. This will inform you that we are resiling the contract signed on February 1, 2015 between Mr. Sanath, CEO of Cyient, and Sowrya, CEO of Sowrya Consulting Services. The termination date of the contract is 15.5.2015. According to the contract, your company had to train our employees to use specific software. The contract requires you to send two coaches on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. to train our new employees at Visual Studio for the .net course and other programming languages.

Even though the weekend is supposed to be a public holiday, we have asked our employees to come on Saturday after your request. But according to our notes, your coaches have been away for more than twice in the last two months. This is why our employees do not have the necessary courses for their work. Not only did this cause disappointment, but we also suffered a financial loss, because we failed to meet our customers on time. A copy of our digital presence log is attached. This letter is an invitation to terminate the advisory agreement between our company and your consulting firm (company name) on the termination date.

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