Long Term Agreement Undp

Under the Long-Term Agreement (LTA), event documents are used for different regions on the basis of their current site (Duty Station) and these LTAs can be used under the same conditions by other UN agencies in the Philippines. UNDP should sign LTA agreements with several documentors to simultaneously meet ongoing requirements. Long-term agreements (LTAs) are framework agreements that are maintained with one or more suppliers for a good, service or group of them for a generally maximum period of 3 years. One of the goals of long-term agreements (LTA) is to ensure that UNDP works to create a diversity of workforce in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, Aboriginal groups and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply. All applications are treated with the utmost security. UNDP does not tolerate sexual exploitation and exploitation of any type of harassment, including sexual harassment and discrimination. All selected candidates will therefore be subjected to rigorous benchmark and background examinations. The following IC models/schedules and terms and conditions of sale may be procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=53744 The LTA allocation is granted to a maximum of ten (10) individual advisors whose offers have been evaluated and evaluated (i) Responsive/konform/acceptable; and (ii) to have achieved the highest score from a set of technical and financially weighted criteria, set in advance, specific to the invitation, including availability. If the documentor does not meet the UNDP performance requirements described above, he or she will first receive a performance-enhancing warning. Failure to meet performance requirements can lead to the shutdown of LTAs. The usage requirements must be e-mailed to procurement.ph@undp.org or registry.ph@undp.org march 17, 2019 or before March 17, 2019. Please note that at the time of signing the LTA contract, the LTA does not constitute a financial commitment or a UNDP commitment and that such an agreement is not exclusive.

In case of specific need, successful individual contractors are contacted and equipped with a certain TOR and delivery elements (and schedule), but always within the limits of the responsibilities mentioned in the LTA. Successful individual contractors are expected to provide confirmation of interest in the specific services required by the agreed LTA Daily Rate Consultancy Fee. Financial commitments are only set each time an order is placed for specific services/TOR for each contractor. UNDP intends to conclude the Long-Term Agreement (LTA) with the best experts, who are high-performing individual entrepreneurs, to ensure the availability of resources at the time and/or demand of requested services. The service used when needed and on the basis of fixed unit price, intermittent and repeated units of use. Other potential candidates who, at UNDP`s discretion, are not bound by a contract may be placed on the consultant list on the basis of a permanent basis for similar services. jobs.undp.org/cj_view_job.cfm?cur_job_id=91850 For persons represented on behalf of a company, a reimerable loan (RLA) agreement is signed between the P and the company. The terms and conditions of the RLA are available in procurement-notices.undp.org/view_file.cfm?doc_id=22292 candidates will be verified on the basis of the skills and experience required above and on the basis of the technical evaluation criteria listed below. Candidates are assessed on the basis of cumulative evaluation. As part of the application of this weighted evaluation method, the contract is awarded to each consultant whose offer has been evaluated and determined: another area of potential extension for instruments and purchase agreements is that of election advisory services, for example.

B the support and training of national observers; training political parties in voter registration and selection procedures, etc.; Media support and monitoring services; Support for the education of citizens and voters

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