Rough Runner Participant Agreement

In the United States, none of the revenue from Sales of Tough Mudder registrations goes directly to a charity. [94] However, participants are inspired by the Organization Tough Mudder[95] to raise funds for a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project by participating in a Tough Mudder event. In February 2014, Tough Mudder reported that its annual sales were approximately $75 million and that participants have raised a total of approximately $6.5 million for the U.S. Wounded Warrior project since The creation of Tough Mudder in 2010. Tough Mudder was co-founded in 2010 by Will Dean and Guy Livingstone, both British living in New York. Dean, a former British counterterrorism officer, developed the idea for the company while studying at Harvard Business School, where the concept was a semi-finalist in the school`s annual business plan competition. [2] [9] It has been found that Will Dean took up the idea of Billy Wilson and his Tough Guy races, which have been taking place in England since 1987. [10] Dean and Livingstone, a former business lawyer, hosted the first Tough Mudder event on May 2, 2010 at Bear Creek Ski Resort, near Allentown, pa. The event, which was announced exclusively through Facebook`s advertising and word of mouth, attracted more than 4,500 attendees. [2] [9] In the fall of 2017, Tough Mudder and Facebook announced a new digital partnership in which Tough Mudder will provide original sports and fitness programs for facebook Watch.

The program includes the exclusive broadcast of the new $50,000 Tougher Mudder Championship race series, which began on October 7 and included views of several obstacles, participants` “head cameras,” drone images and hosted comments. In addition, viewers will be able to watch the weekly live broadcasts from Tough Mudder Mudder`s gym, where viewers can get in shape and train with a partner. With this agreement, all Tough Mudder competition series have a video/broadcast house with important partners. [136] [137] [138] The company`s most-watched show on Facebook Watch – the final of the world`s hardest mudder in November 2017 reached 1.2 million viewers. [139] [140] – The participation agreement contains the reference to serious and catastrophic injuries and/or death. I know they probably have to say that in terms, but it`s still a little scary! Data Protection and Marketing: I agree that: 1) in the event of an emergency Rough Runner Limited and/or rental staff may use the emergency contact information I indicated when registering for the RR event; 2) if I receive medical assistance at an RR event collected on an accident form, stored in the Rough Runner Limited database and processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998, in accordance with Rough Runner Limited`s privacy policy, available on; and 3) Rough Runner Limited may transmit all the data I have provided to it, including the personal data I have collected via online registration, to all its group companies and to commercial contacts inside and outside the European Economic Area for use related to the RR event (even if the country or territory concerned is not identified as a country that maintains appropriate data protection standards). By providing us with your personal data, you expressly agree that we collect, use and transmit your personal data, as described in Rough Runner Limited`s Privacy Policy, which is

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