Withdrawal Agreement Bill Data Protection

Canada has included the list of countries that have confirmed the continued free movement of personal data with the United Kingdom after the withdrawal from the EU The most important structural change is the concept of UK_GDPR and EU_GDPR, as this will allow the government to deviate from RGPD standards in the future of UK data protection regulations (for example. B after December 2020, the expiration date of the withdrawal agreement). Of course, politicians will say that the UK`s DP standards could be improved, but look at points 3 and 4 before deciding if you believe them. With respect to the transfer of personal data from the United Kingdom to the United States, data protection, privacy and electronic communications provisions (modifications, etc.) (EU SORTIE) in 2019, the effect of the EU-US data protection shield in the UK. If your business is based in the UK outside the UK, without branches, branches or other establishments, and you offer goods or services to individuals in the UK or monitor the behaviour of individuals in the UK, you should consider appointing a representative to the UK. They must be in office after the end of the transition period for withdrawal from the EU. For more information, see Data Protection at the end of the transition period – UK representatives. UK organisations that deal with personal data are currently linked by two laws: the EU RGPD and the DPA (UK Data Protection Act) 2018. We expect UK data protection legislation to be essentially aligned with the RGPD, which is why you should continue to use our existing guidelines.

If you follow the approach of our guide, you can do so now and after the end of the transition period. Violations of the EU RGPD`s requirements for the transfer of personal data to third countries or international organisations are subject to heavier administrative penalties: up to EUR 20 million, or 4% of the world`s annual turnover, depending on the most important time. If you need advice or advice on the impact of Brexit on your company`s privacy obligations, contact one of our experts. Call `44 (1474) 55 66 85 or request a reminder via the form below. Given the current situation, it is recommended that companies maintain RGPD, DPA and IRS compliance for the foreseeable future. These include the implementation of robust technical measures and procedures for the protection of personal data, detection and analysis of personal data breaches.

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