Unmetered Supply Agreement

Apply for unre measurementd connection services (new connections, transmissions and separations) by filling out an application form. You can fill out this form on our website or download the form and email it to connections@ssen.co.uk. Undated supply is made when it is not possible to install a meter and/or when the cost of installing a meter is disproportionate to the cost of electricity used by the equipment. The common types of undated devices we connect to our network are: the installation of online citations for owners of unre measurementd assets such as local authorities, PFIs and parish councils for standard highway work. You have a choice. You can choose who you want to make your unreasated connection. Learn more about your options, independent connection providers and how to find them near you. Ensure that prior to the installation of unsured supplies, the contractor or primary customer has entered into an electricity supply contract, and all other follow-up agreements must be entered into. Our general terms of connection for unreasated facilities are available by the company on written request or by email connections@ssen.co.uk.

Our terms and conditions of sale are part of our Unmetered Connection Agreement. Subject to the express provisions of the agreement, Section 4 of the National Liaison Conditions applies. National terms of use are available on the website at www.connectionterms.org.uk or in writing from the Energy Networks Association, 6th Floor, Dean Bradley House, 52 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 2SF or available by the Company on written demand If you currently own unre measurement assets and are considering re-editing on LED lighting or installing and reducing and reducing control systems, click here on the following link to the Scottish Futures Trust website. You must request a copy of the toolkit that will be emailed to you. The toolkit was designed to help local authorities assess the impact of investments in energy-efficient measures. An unsuperated supply is provided for electrical appliances for which it is not possible to install a meter and/or the cost of installing a meter is disproportionate to the cost of electricity used by the appliances. Typical unmetered equipment is public lighting, traffic lights, light signs and bollards, but can also telecommunications cabinets, CCTV, advertisements and electric vehicle charger.

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